Author Rewards Program

We would like to reward those of you who go above and beyond supporting your community by adding several places and businesses at Not only will your community benefit from your helpful contributions, but we also appreciate your help in growing Taiwan Local, for the better.

Becoming a “Super Author” is simple.
Posting 10 or more places/businesses at Taiwan Local makes you a Super Author. You must have at least 10 posts to maintain your eligibility and your posts cannot be duplicates of places that already exist.

What are the rewards?
We offer two types of rewards; money and free Premium accounts.

1. If a business claims and upgrades one of your posts, we will pay you 40% of the update fees, e.g., if a business pays $NT999 for a Premium Single Business account, you get $NT400. There are several other ways which businesses can upgrade, like featuring themselves on the homepage or a category page.

2. If you own a business or multiple businesses, you can earn a free Premium Business account for 1 year. Simply contact us once you have 10 posts. You can always check on your number of posts through your profile page.

How we’ll pay you.
We’ll tally everything up at the end of every month and when you earn a reward, we’ll contact you via email and pay you through PayPal by the 15th of the following month. You can start a free PayPal account here.

Get started today!
Head over to the Submit Listing page and add your places today!

*Please note: These terms are subject to change at any time, although we will honor any past terms provided your posts are dated prior to the change of terms. These terms were last updated on March 4, 2015.